My experience with brain training was amazing. The teachers were really nice and kind, most of all they were really patient. I think this experience will help me solve different problems better and quicker.
I was getting scoldings from my parents as I was in 7th Std and my Handwriting was too... bad not impressive at all.I was forced to join this course,I liked it .. I didn't know what is the method of improving handwriting..but I learnt it and to my Surprise my Handwriting was the best in the Class within 15 days.
The training helped me understand different accents in school. I can understand concepts in Physics faster than before. I love the jigsaw puzzles that I play on the computer at The Mid Brain Activation Workshop.
The training helped me get better at school. This place is cool because we have fun when we train

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Blindfold Children

During Blindfold activation, a child learns how to enter the condition of meditation in order to be able to "see" with eyes closed. The genius doesn't mean someone with IQ above 130, rather it is a condition there will be able to decrease the brain wave down to alpha-theta, brain will function optimally. When the brain functions optimally all human senses will be in their top performances including the capablity of intuition,so a child is able to do all the activities with closed eyes. Once a child enters the genius condition, able to do speed reading, faster memorization and better concentration can be achieved.

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